Judas of the Sea

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__via picture it & write
__via picture it & write


She calls

Yet to another flight of ships

That rode the sea on Monstrous tides;

Eyes glimmering with Cheshire smiles

Bouncing, fading through her light

In the deep

They speak, she listens

“Aye Laddies, sweet mercy, we’re here”

Shouts of hungry men dive through the crackling waves

Laughter resembling thunder

Plunder upon her rocky shores.

She beckons

Her soft sweet siren narrowed out

Men, million, have passed

But heard of never again.

They furrowed through the tides

Like a puppet on strings, craving her sweet soft call of home

She speaks, they listen

‘I’ll take care of you, bosom yourself in my dreams’

Bellowing in the distance, lassoing the ships

Into midair sailing through death cries of broken fantasies

Begging from her rocky shores.

She devours

The laughter of men that spun a web

Of screams that died a slow death.

Their eyes melt into the deep abyss

Scouring for an answer to this mass deception

That stood in front of them tall, striking, shameless…

Illusory glee danced off her slender body

Consuming menfolk whose hands held on to their lives;

Her rising waves snatched them out of the sky like sharks

Hauling them deep into death itself.

She’s alive.

By Treshan 🙂


If only hearts can talk.

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If only hearts can talk, mine will let you how it feels being next to you.

It will sing silly love songs to yours all night.

Perhaps it might climb to your ribcage and whisper sweet notes to its better half.

It will smile and hug you whenever you come close.

It will skip into frenzy when you come online. Sometimes it may wiggle constantly when you’re near.

I don’t believe it can survive without yours. It will tell you that.

It will tell you; you’re all it thinks about at the end of the day and the beginning of the next.

It will hold no grudge against yours, for it is yours. It will sing in the shower and golly around while cooking.

It will stay on the phone with yours for hours; conversating in a funny yet sweet tone.

If my heart could talk, then that means it can write too; so it will be writing this right now.


~This is something ‘happy’ tone i wanted to adapt. Lets hope it looks good on me 🙂 Also dedicated to someone that keeps making me smile.

In dedication to my depression that visits me ocassionally.

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The Fight

The darkness crept upon everything, All lights are out

Evening sweeps in like a hungry predator, I’m all alone again tonight.

My heart staggers at the very thought of it,

Twitching eyes marching with the wind through the night.

I’m all alone again, tonight

I’m all alone for the fight.

The silence took control; consuming my thoughts and fright,

Devouring all my hopes and dreams; shadowing any further love out of site.

The demons screamed for revenge,

With their fangs glistening in the moon’s rays;

Tearing away my life,

Bite after bite.

Their screams sunk into my fleshy dreams,

Displacing all my thoughts, leaving me quite

Lonely, depressed, shaken,

And   fallen, as one wouldn’t like.

Blood leaked through my thoughts,

This bloody haze consumed me.

The smell lingered on,

Outcasts have now proven their might.

What could I have done, I’m just a mere man,

Trying really hard to get it right.

But no matter what I do,

It always seems to end, with me losing each night.