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Another Day at Mondo’s.

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So I was on the Store’s couch a day in last week; to be precise, let’s say about April 29th. I was paying attention to my little own business, helping out my Best Friend with a male customer who was looking at cardigans. I got bored for like a few milliseconds and decided to just turn my head a bit, i took a look outside.

What i saw was unbelievable. There she was, the store clerk from a store up in front of ours. She was parading down the corridor, all calm and everything. But what i saw made me screamed out “OMG”! in my mind; or so i thought. Actually it wasn’t just in my mind, because the guy in the store heard me. His facial expression was priceless. That ‘Is he ok?’ kinda look. He was trying to conceal it, i guess he pretended that he didn’t hear, or just couldn’t tell where the cheesey queer “OMG” came from. I was so shocked, but i managed to compose myself. This shouldn’t be taken for granted that I’m easily startled, because i’m not. Or maybe……umm that’s for another day.

Anyways, what happened was that Her dress was tucked into her underwear, and half of her butt was showing. I freaked, because i thought she was putting on a show. I couldn’t tell what kind of person she really was, until when someone told her about it, she was devastated! And was so embarrassed, because there were three guys in the store opposite her. I have a feeling only i saw. I gave her friend, who was relaying the situation with me later, some confidence that it was just me. I really hope so. The guy who was shopping didn’t say anything, but i want to suspect he ‘suspects’ something. (Laughing out loud). Anyway, so he left quietly after. But to this day i would crack myself with laughter.

To my friends who are women, please be careful when you’re leaving the washroom, especially when you’re wearing something short.

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A beautiful poem. Really ignited a spark within me.

Shashi Moore

Breath for breath
As the horizon radiates its glimmer
The distant land begins to stir with life,
The glimmer turns to warmth
the life turns to churn the land to feed
The warmth glares with heat
The life steals the life
For one life to thrive the other life seize
Who sets the rule where the justice
What the game is?
Ask not.
By Shashi Moore

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Its Been a while.

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Well here i am here, once again. Ready to Blog. Blog what? Sincerely don’t know. But i’m tired of sitting saying that ‘I can wait to start this new short story’ or ‘I can’t wait to unravel a poem!’. Sigh! … I;’ll just write. I’ll just blog whatever comes to mind, sincerely, because I  miss writing. I miss using my thoughts and creating words from them, while i read the writing of others, something would usually spark in me. Then after a few days it will die. I want to ignite this spark by myself. So I’m pleased to be back. Hi Followers! …. 

MidNight Rush with a pen in my hand.

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This is some real serious business. The moment where you know there is so much to do. You know that ‘You have that Exam’, or ‘That business project to work on’, OR ((MOST IMPORTANTLY)), ‘That piece you’ve been meaning to work on for the past couple days’.

For some reason, it’s just not ‘coming’. You know you want that ‘A’  badly. So much that the night before the exam you burn yourself out, just to remember the core concepts. When you literally wasted days before ‘contemplating’ on the ways you’re going to get this ‘A’ with. It’s funny how it works out; sometimes you actually get that A. But to think of it “What if i would have studied when i had the chance”…I would have gotten that A+. But still that’s never enough to keep pushing you, you’re satisfied with your A.

Right now, as i throw my thoughts here, I have this major ‘Finals’ to prepare for. But for some reason i’m stuck siting here blogging. Tell me to all to truth to honest God, “Why do i procrastinate so Much?!?!”. I know i’m not the only one. You know you have that Business Report to hand in, or that Assignment nearing due date, or that “PIECE” you’ve meaning to pay attention to. But for some good of a good reason, you just won’t start.

((I promise to start reading now….*Bet your life on It!*))) haha.



If only hearts can talk.

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If only hearts can talk, mine will let you how it feels being next to you.

It will sing silly love songs to yours all night.

Perhaps it might climb to your ribcage and whisper sweet notes to its better half.

It will smile and hug you whenever you come close.

It will skip into frenzy when you come online. Sometimes it may wiggle constantly when you’re near.

I don’t believe it can survive without yours. It will tell you that.

It will tell you; you’re all it thinks about at the end of the day and the beginning of the next.

It will hold no grudge against yours, for it is yours. It will sing in the shower and golly around while cooking.

It will stay on the phone with yours for hours; conversating in a funny yet sweet tone.

If my heart could talk, then that means it can write too; so it will be writing this right now.


~This is something ‘happy’ tone i wanted to adapt. Lets hope it looks good on me 🙂 Also dedicated to someone that keeps making me smile.

MidNight Rush with a Pen in My Hand

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This is for me, for you to read. To read from me to you. For everyone to read. Everyone who experiences moments in life that lack content. For I’ll write for me, for you, for us. For the world to read, the world to share, to share experiences in life that have content…For me, for you for us to share.