MidNight Rush with a pen in my hand.

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This is some real serious business. The moment where you know there is so much to do. You know that ‘You have that Exam’, or ‘That business project to work on’, OR ((MOST IMPORTANTLY)), ‘That piece you’ve been meaning to work on for the past couple days’.

For some reason, it’s just not ‘coming’. You know you want that ‘A’  badly. So much that the night before the exam you burn yourself out, just to remember the core concepts. When you literally wasted days before ‘contemplating’ on the ways you’re going to get this ‘A’ with. It’s funny how it works out; sometimes you actually get that A. But to think of it “What if i would have studied when i had the chance”…I would have gotten that A+. But still that’s never enough to keep pushing you, you’re satisfied with your A.

Right now, as i throw my thoughts here, I have this major ‘Finals’ to prepare for. But for some reason i’m stuck siting here blogging. Tell me to all to truth to honest God, “Why do i procrastinate so Much?!?!”. I know i’m not the only one. You know you have that Business Report to hand in, or that Assignment nearing due date, or that “PIECE” you’ve meaning to pay attention to. But for some good of a good reason, you just won’t start.

((I promise to start reading now….*Bet your life on It!*))) haha.




Cold Case Love

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ImageShe’s scared. She needs a new lease on life. She didn’t have the strength to actually pass the knife through her chest. Perhaps her swollen ego created a shield of confidence and edge. He dragged her close against the harsh stone cooled walls. Her eyes beamed with absolute fear; staring right into the pool of death. She squealed with raging acceptance. She wanted it badly, but at the same time regrets the very thought of it.

There was nothing that she could have done. He took the knife away from her. Placed it into his pocket and grabbed her hands tightly. Her skin was as cold as her destiny. The angels sung a song which made a way for her to ascend. But it was not her time to go.

She spit into his face. The dry saliva dripped passed his anger. He was getting tired of this. Tired of her begging; he turned her round and administer a blow on the concrete. Blood flowed past his wrist. Seeing that, tears pleated down her doll like face. The blood grew wings and finds its way into her conscious. All he can hear amongst the loud wind was a mumbling woman. Drenched and tired of life. Too scared to take her own, but fearing for his also.

He turned away, moving passed the gate, and she then thrust her hands around his waist. Holding tightly as a drenched phoenix, her ashes settled on his back. Rekindling the fire her love burned with passion. So much heat made him sweat.

He dragged her off, turned and threw the knife on the grass. As he walked away, his heart leaked through one beat to the next. At a far she picked the knife up, and speared it through his chest.

His feet staggered past the grass, as she ran to help him up. Her eyes flowed with tears. Blood gushed pass his chest: as he held the weapon that ended their love. She screamed into the night, calling on those angels to give him a second chance, and take her instead. His eyes closed gently as the stars welcomed him above. She gasped for love.

She dragged him towards the tree that held their initials all over. The branches screeched whispers of murder. ‘What have you done?’ she gently pulled the knife out of his chest, pieces of his love came out- Red and ruby like.

She ran into the shed opposite the farm stead. Suddenly she came rushing back with a shovel. Beside the tree, she started digging as if her life depended on it. She needed to get rid of the evidence, get rid of everything, everything that proves that ‘their’ love did exist.

Finally the hole was big enough. She took him by the boot, and dragged him further down into the mud grave. He added zeal to the dirt, more blood for the thirsty demons to feed on. She sat on his waist, staring right at the blood on her hands. She didn’t mean to do it. All she wanted was for him to love her back. But he never did try.

She reached into her back pocket. In her bloody hands lied another desperate weapon of destruction. The game was over. There was no one to play with anymore. She won. But never before had she felt so much pain, after a win. His eyes peeped open. The thought of him alive sends little spikes down her throat. She pulled the safety off the revolver. Stared at the moon and shot him straight in the forehead. Her tongue moved passed the trigger, licking the spattered blood off the handle.

His grave was now given to him by the love of his life. She picked a red rose out of the bushes and throws it unto his broken chest. She ran to the van and came back with a bottle filled with gasoline, sprayed in a circular motion around his bed, and then lit it afire.

From a distance she stared into the flames. Whisperings of silence filled the crackling grave. Her eyes leaked with bloody tearsCold Case Love.


If only hearts can talk.

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If only hearts can talk, mine will let you how it feels being next to you.

It will sing silly love songs to yours all night.

Perhaps it might climb to your ribcage and whisper sweet notes to its better half.

It will smile and hug you whenever you come close.

It will skip into frenzy when you come online. Sometimes it may wiggle constantly when you’re near.

I don’t believe it can survive without yours. It will tell you that.

It will tell you; you’re all it thinks about at the end of the day and the beginning of the next.

It will hold no grudge against yours, for it is yours. It will sing in the shower and golly around while cooking.

It will stay on the phone with yours for hours; conversating in a funny yet sweet tone.

If my heart could talk, then that means it can write too; so it will be writing this right now.


~This is something ‘happy’ tone i wanted to adapt. Lets hope it looks good on me 🙂 Also dedicated to someone that keeps making me smile.

In dedication to my depression that visits me ocassionally.

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The Fight

The darkness crept upon everything, All lights are out

Evening sweeps in like a hungry predator, I’m all alone again tonight.

My heart staggers at the very thought of it,

Twitching eyes marching with the wind through the night.

I’m all alone again, tonight

I’m all alone for the fight.

The silence took control; consuming my thoughts and fright,

Devouring all my hopes and dreams; shadowing any further love out of site.

The demons screamed for revenge,

With their fangs glistening in the moon’s rays;

Tearing away my life,

Bite after bite.

Their screams sunk into my fleshy dreams,

Displacing all my thoughts, leaving me quite

Lonely, depressed, shaken,

And   fallen, as one wouldn’t like.

Blood leaked through my thoughts,

This bloody haze consumed me.

The smell lingered on,

Outcasts have now proven their might.

What could I have done, I’m just a mere man,

Trying really hard to get it right.

But no matter what I do,

It always seems to end, with me losing each night.


MidNight Rush with a Pen in My Hand

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This is for me, for you to read. To read from me to you. For everyone to read. Everyone who experiences moments in life that lack content. For I’ll write for me, for you, for us. For the world to read, the world to share, to share experiences in life that have content…For me, for you for us to share.