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Another Day at Mondo’s.

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So I was on the Store’s couch a day in last week; to be precise, let’s say about April 29th. I was paying attention to my little own business, helping out my Best Friend with a male customer who was looking at cardigans. I got bored for like a few milliseconds and decided to just turn my head a bit, i took a look outside.

What i saw was unbelievable. There she was, the store clerk from a store up in front of ours. She was parading down the corridor, all calm and everything. But what i saw made me screamed out “OMG”! in my mind; or so i thought. Actually it wasn’t just in my mind, because the guy in the store heard me. His facial expression was priceless. That ‘Is he ok?’ kinda look. He was trying to conceal it, i guess he pretended that he didn’t hear, or just couldn’t tell where the cheesey queer “OMG” came from. I was so shocked, but i managed to compose myself. This shouldn’t be taken for granted that I’m easily startled, because i’m not. Or maybe……umm that’s for another day.

Anyways, what happened was that Her dress was tucked into her underwear, and half of her butt was showing. I freaked, because i thought she was putting on a show. I couldn’t tell what kind of person she really was, until when someone told her about it, she was devastated! And was so embarrassed, because there were three guys in the store opposite her. I have a feeling only i saw. I gave her friend, who was relaying the situation with me later, some confidence that it was just me. I really hope so. The guy who was shopping didn’t say anything, but i want to suspect he ‘suspects’ something. (Laughing out loud). Anyway, so he left quietly after. But to this day i would crack myself with laughter.

To my friends who are women, please be careful when you’re leaving the washroom, especially when you’re wearing something short.