Lessons Learned.

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Over the years i’ve managed to make this recollection of a few words that to me speak thousands. It is with time that this list will increase, as i battle with a bad memory. Do consider your true intents, and continue to discover who you are. To put this on paper was inspired by one of my favourite Author ; Maya Angelou. After reading a short paragraph from her, i began to think of my own lessons.
I’ve learned that holding on to the past won’t get you anywhere, you have to decide to move on and keep your chin up. I’ve learned that even if you had a bad childhood, you can’t blame your parents for that, because you will just end up even more bitter, thus pushing away those who are there for you. I’ve learned that loving someone is easier said than done, love requires patience, respect, compromise, and hardwork. I’ve learned that words can be used as a very sharp weapon, that create wounds which may never heal. I’ve also learn that wounds do heal with three things; time, care and serenity. I’ve learned that people will not stay forever in your life, they come for a period, do what needs to be done and then move on with theirs; you shouldn’t stop them from doing so. I’ve learned that happiness will follow hardships, and that life will be a roller-coaster, with many challenges and obstacles, which without will not be Life. I’ve learned that they are Angels on Earth, and we call them soulmates, bestfriend & buddies. I’ve learned that regardless of the pain you’re going through, you must bear a smile, because there will always be someone else out there with a greater pain than yours. I’ve learned that its is important to pray, even if its for 60,000 milliseconds, which is just 1 minute. I’ve learned that i will continue to learn as the days go by, and will continue to make mistakes, for i am human. And i’ve learned to respect the fact that I am Human, and that i live amongst humans, who has the capability to laugh, love, live and forgive. Most importantly i’ve learned that it is true, that people will forget what you’ve done, what you’ve said, but will never forget how you make them feel. I’ve learned that someone’s feelings are important, especially when you’re sharing a life with them.
Now this is a short excerpt. This doesn’t mean i’ll just pass by once in a year and spark this page up a bit. Time Management is also not one of my strong suits. Something many of us are guilty of. I’ve learned to keep going, keep writing, you should too.